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Boost Your Brainpower: Games To Keep The Mind Active

Mar 12, 2024 | News

While physical fitness is crucial for seniors’ health, nurturing one’s mind is equally as important. Brain exercising enhances cognitive abilities, memory and focus. Similar to how diverse workouts target specific muscle groups. At Seniors Helping Seniors, we understand the unique needs of our clients and that’s why we’ve gathered this selection of enjoyable memory games designed to improve mental skills and keep the mind agile. Read on to discover these brain-boosting activities and let’s play!

Games for seniors

Jigsaw Puzzles

Solving jigsaw puzzles can enhance visual-spatial skills and improve problem-solving abilities. Connecting different shapes and colours helps to test patience and sharpens an individual’s eye for detail.


Answering trivia questions is a great way for seniors to test their knowledge of different subjects, while also learning new facts and improving memory. Looking for a topic? Consider exploring topics such as history, geography, music and sports. Challenge friends, family or a caregiver to a few rounds and see who wins the title of ultimate trivia champ! If you have access to an Alexa enabled device, you can use the friendly assistant to generate your questions.

Crossword Puzzles or Sudoku

Completing crossword puzzles and Sudoku helps to challenge vocabulary, logic and problem-solving skills. Tricky brain teasers promote mental agility and are a delightful, accessible way to keep the mind sharp and active. It also helps pass a few hours during those quieter moments of the day.


Challenge a Seniors Helping Seniors caregiver to a game of chess! Strategy games demand critical thinking, planning and foresight. Playing a few rounds hones analytical skills and enhances concentration and decision-making abilities — all from the comfort of home. For those that are more tech savvy, you can even download a dedicated Chess app and play against players all over the world.

Name That Tune

How well do you or your senior loved one know your favourite songs? Our clients can test their music knowledge with this enjoyable recall game. To get started, have a Seniors Helping Seniors caregiver play a few seconds of a song and try to guess the title and who sings it. Studies show that music can stimulate the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. Not to mention, hearing familiar tunes can also bring back positive feelings of nostalgia.


Boosting Brainpower

These memory games are specifically tailored to engage seniors, providing enjoyable moments of connection while challenging their minds. Activities like playing word games or testing analytical skills can boost brain function, improve cognitive skills and enhance seniors’ overall mental agility. Let us help you boost your brainpower!