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“I live independently in my own home; I have also had a few lifestyle changes including joint replacements. So, I explored in-home care support and contacted Seniors Helping Seniors. A plan was quickly put in place for my care a few days a week. I am very fortunate for all the help from my Seniors Helping Seniors caregiver.”

“My dependable and friendly Seniors Helping Seniors helper provides transportation to my scheduled appointments as well as taking care of household errands. She enjoys cooking so we’ll often shop together for her recipes. And now I indulge in the most delicious and nutritious meals right in my own home!”

“My Seniors Helping Seniors care team are dependable and willingly undertake whatever tasks they are asked to do. It is especially helpful to receive reminders for scheduled activities so I can attend and enjoy my social plans. Utilising Seniors Helping Seniors has worked well for me and I appreciate their kind assistance.”

“My home visits from Seniors Helping Seniors enable me to live independently within my own flat in an active retirement community. With their scheduled support, I now have the freedom to enjoy my day as desired!”

“I never thought I would need help like this in my home, but I was so fortunate to find Seniors Helping Seniors home care services. Thank you for your support.”

“Seniors Helping Seniors home care services has been there 100% for any of my mum’s needs. They are truly top-tier and I recommend them highly!”

“Thanks to Seniors Helping Seniors, I was even able to go away for a short holiday without any concerns for dad’s well-being and safety knowing his caregiver was there.”

“A very big thank you to Senior Helping Seniors home care services! This has been a challenging year, but my brother and I are both grateful for the help in keeping our parent’s health in check both physically and mentally.”

“Seniors Helping Seniors is a fantastic service that we could not be without. Our grandmother finds the service invaluable and it helps her maintain her independence and enjoy life. Highly recommended.”

“I love working at Seniors Helping Seniors home care services! It’s the ideal retirement job!”

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