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Great Parks To Enjoy, Right On Your Doorstep!

Jun 6, 2024 | News

The summer months are here (although the weather would have you thinking otherwise at times). It’s a great time of the year to keep active, get outside and enjoy that fresh air. As you get older, something you have taken for granted for many years might be a touch more difficult, or you might have lost a bit of confidence. But please don’t let that stop you enjoying the wonderful parks around the Solihull and Warwick area. We are very lucky to have so many right on our doorstep. At Seniors Helping Seniors, our home care assistants can transport you to a local area of your choosing, provide support and companionship while you are out, enabling you to feel safe, confident and at ease. Here are some of the best options you might choose for a future visit.

Local Parks

Parks around the Solihull area

Malvern & Brueton Park

  • Features: A combined area of two parks, it includes a nature reserve, lake, ornamental gardens, and plenty of walks.
  • Activities: Walking, bird-watching, picnicking.

Dorridge Park and Dorridge Wood

  • Features: A mix of open parkland and ancient woodland with a pond, and a variety of wildlife.
  • Activities: Walking and nature observation.

Lavendar Hall Park

  • Features: Within Balsall Common itself, the home village of Seniors Helping Seniors.
  • Activities: Short strolls, quiet during the week and small nature areas.

Parks around the Warwick area

Abbey Fields

  • Features: Situated in Kenilworth, a beautiful lake and historic ruins to explore. The Kenilworth Castle is also a short walk away.
  • Activities: Walking, nature observation and taking in some history.

Jephson Gardens

  • Features: Formal gardens, glasshouse, lake and fountains. This is one of our favourite local parks. There is an onsite cafe too.
  • Activities: Walking, enjoy the flowers and if you time it right you might see live music.

Hill Close Gardens

  • Features: Located in Warwick. A restored Victorian hedged garden. It offers a unique historical garden experience.
  • Activities: Garden tours, horticultural interests and picnicking.

Other notable mentions

Kenilworth Greenway

  • Features: Accessible from Balsall Common and Kenilworth. A linear parkway on a former railway line. It does come up against current HS2 work, so we recommend the Kenilworth end for a nicer experience.
  • Activities: Relaxing stroll in countryside.

War Memorial Park

  • Features: Heading towards Coventry, a large park with memorial gardens. While it is very busy at weekends, a weekday should see you enjoying a nice quiet stroll with plenty to see.
  • Activities: Walks, memorials.

Coombe Country Park

  • Features: Extensive parkland, large lake, woodland walks and visitor centre.
  • Activities: Walks, bird-watching and enjoy coffee / tea & cake.

Let Seniors Helping Seniors Help

This is just a small selection of parks in the area. There are many more, but we have tried to focus on the ones that present a more enjoyable walk and a nice place to spend an hour or two. Some parks can get busy with youngsters due to the inclusion of playground areas, but there is usually plenty of space to enjoy a quiet area. We want you to enjoy going out and avoid letting age become a barrier. At Seniors Helping Seniors, we are here to support you to get the most out of life and still do the things you used to do.

For more info, please get in touch. Thank you!