Our Home Care Services

Our Seniors Helping Seniors home care starts with a clear understanding of who our client is and what we can do to make life a little easier and a little brighter.

Whatever services you need and whenever you need them – for yourself or a loved one – we think you’ll discover that having assistance from a warm, caring, and dedicated senior carer can make all the difference in the world. Bringing Love into the lives of Seniors with Dignity and Respect is our mission and we are here to serve.

Our care is flexible care.  We support your life. We don’t expect you and your family to fit into our schedules. Arrangements are firm and always honoured our-side yet you maintain the flexibility as the customer.  Our loving, caring, compassionate seniors are here to help in the home and to provide companionship. We are here for you whether cooking and cleaning, going shopping, or even just changing a light bulb. Regardless of whether it’s for a couple of hours a day, or overnight, we’re here to help.

The Seniors Helping Seniors Team of Carers

The delivery of our elderly care services is provided by carers who come from many walks of life. Many come from helping professions such as nursing, caring and teaching.  Many are transitioning from their full-time jobs and businesses with experience of caring for loved ones. We have sports fanatics, cooks, musicians, artists, people who love to drive, people who love to walk, people who love to garden, people who love a chat and people to appreciate quiet.

Everyone has a positive outlook and regardless of their previous career path, all our carers come with a big heart, care experience and a desire to serve others with the experience they have gained.  

Our Careful Vetting and Selection Process

Through careful interviewing, DBS and background checks, we ensure that every carer meets the Seniors Helping Seniors standards. All our carers have passed our unique six-phase selection process. Furthermore, we work diligently to match those who need help with a senior carer they will be comfortable with.

Whatever your needs, having a loving, caring, and dedicated companion by your side can make all the difference in the world.  Having a company manage service provision gives you peace of mind and the back-up required. We are responsive, transparent, and we answer to you.

We invite you to learn more about our service offerings through the descriptions on this page. If you don’t see what you require listed here, please ask us.

Around the House

Companionship care Balsall Common, Kenilworth, Knowle and surrounds


Our carers enjoy friendly conversation and companionship when providing care for a fellow senior.  Regular interactions with a kind, friendly carer who has a genuine interest in the same things, can help lift the spirits and help maintain mental and emotional engagement. Loneliness is a well known health risk and the companionship that comes with tasks well done when you have help from Seniors Helping Seniors has proven benefits on mental and physical health and well-being. Peer to peer support helps people keep up what’s good for them.


Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

Our carers can assist with light housekeeping services that include cleaning kitchens, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, taking out the rubbish and recycling, cleaning interior windows that can be reached without a ladder, organising wardrobes, and general tidying around the home.

We help you keep your home just as you like it. Our carers have the same standards as you and will do things as you like them done.

Cooking and Shopping Services

Cooking and Shopping

If you’re only in need of a little help, you and your carer can prepare meals as a team, or go to the shops together. If you’re in need of more assistance, or you are shielding, your carer can go to the shops for you and prepare the meals to your specification.

Our carers are used to cooking the meals you love. And we are recognised for our success in providing nourishing and specially prepared meals for all appetites and for our focus on adequate fluids.   We can stay with you to help make mealtimes enjoyable again.


Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Our carers assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) Meaning help with eating and drinking, bathing and showering, toileting, dressing, and mobility assistance. Please note the help is provided in the form of prompting and reminding. Our carers are not trained to dress or bathe or toilet. This means our services are out of scope for the regulators and CQC regulation is not required.

Our carers take pride in delivering care in a manner that they themselves would desire from a care provider.

We provide a person who will support you to live the way you want to live and we will match you with a person who loves the things you love. We ensure the carer has experience in the challenges you face so you are guaranteed quality care, compassion and some great fun.

Our care is non-medical and if  ‘personal care’ is required,  we support nurses and we  take over when their specific tasks are completed. We support family caregivers and live-in carers for the required and recommended respite hours. If a client moves into residential care or hospital, and the community is not in lockdown, we visit for one-to-one time and trips out.

Pet Care

Pet Care

Pets can be extremely important to a senior’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Nevertheless, caring for a pet can become more challenging with age. Our carers can help ensure that pets are getting the attention they need to stay healthy and happy by feeding and grooming pets, and taking dogs on walks with the client or alone.

Light Handyman Services and Small Repairs

Light Handyman Services and Small Repairs

Our home care services can include the tackling of simple handyman projects and minor repairs. If a task is beyond what our carer can handle, they may be able to give some insight on what’s involved and the type of service person to contact. We have good local knowledge and we can help you organise reliable specialist help.

Yard Work


While fresh air and sunlight can do wonders for a senior’s outlook, too much gardening work can become taxing. Our carers can assist with mowing, weeding, planting flowers, planting vegetables, pruning and other outdoor projects. Seniors can participate to whatever degree they are interested and able. Our carers will be as passionate about your garden as you are and will help encourage your interests and finish projects.

Medication Reminder

Medication Reminders

Adhering to any medication regimen prescribed by doctors is extremely important for seniors. While our carers do not administer medication, they can provide reminders and help keep records.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own expectations and aspirations. Our carer will get to know you well. We will notice changes in behaviours and symptoms.  We can advocate for you to support medical decisions and outcomes.

Mailing Letters and Bills

Mailing Letters and Bills

Staying on top of correspondence becomes more challenging. Our carers can help remind you about significant dates, get cards, letters and bills in the mail as requested. We can help with online correspondence and payments as instructed.

Out and About

Escort to Appointments and Events

Escort to Appointments and Events

Getting out to visit friends, attend events and keeping appointments is great for  mental, emotional, and physical health.

If confidence dwindles, recommendations and processes change and you feel unable to make trips on your own, our carers can accompany you to things like medical appointments, beauty salons or barbershop appointments, social functions, family gatherings, clubs and exercise.

Using public transport or car, this can be so much nicer than a taxi booking and you will get to your appointments on time, feeling less stressed than you may otherwise be.

Ideal for errands, hospital appointments and discharge from hospital.

You will know the person taking you or picking you up and they can support you during your appointment if you wish and at home afterwards.  We are punctual, thoughtful, knowledgeable and on your wavelength.

Running Errands

Running Errands

In addition to food shopping, our carers can run a variety of errands including dropping off mail and parcels at the post office, getting prescriptions and other necessities at the pharmacy, picking up dry cleaning, shopping for pet food and we are brilliant at tracking down that special something for you. 

Outings and Trips

Outings and Trips

If you are wanting to get out and about for any reason, our carers can help.

You’re always welcome to ride along on the errand run if you’d enjoy a trip around town.

We can accompany you to the park or the seaside,  catch a movie, enjoy a concert, visit a museam or gallery or even just go on a nice, casual drive for a change of scenery.

Getting out and participating in community life is vital.  We help you get to the places you love and to do the things you love to do.

Our carers have local experience, they love the things you love and they know the places you’ll love to go.  Carers attend classes and exercise with you.  

Short and longer outings are available. We are punctual and reliable so family caregivers can plan respite. 

During lockdown, shielding and periods of convalescence our carers are updated on what is safe and advisable and make suggestions as appropriate.

Learning and Hobbies

Learning and Hobbies

Providing a carer who has similar interests to you will inspire and help you with the activities you love. We have local knowledge and can help you participate in different activities to suit cognitive and physical changes. If worries about planning and organisation stops you signing up for things, we are there to encourage and facilitate. How often do you hear people recommend ‘train with a friend’?

During the lockdowns activities had to be accessed online and our carers helped out. We help clients complete what they set out to do and find new interests without being prescriptive or overbearing.

For Family Caregivers

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

Caring for a loved one with memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be very challenging and can result in burnout of even the most devoted family member over time. Our carers have experience in the different stages of these conditions, manage difficult behaviours, and keep family members and specialists updated.

We will match you with someone who has first-hand experience. Support will be provided with knowledge and experience of local amenities as well as compassion, kindness, confidence and understanding.

When the care is provided by someone who genuinely knows and enjoys the same things in life, be prepared for some outstanding outcomes.

Long Distance Check In

Long-Distance Check-Ins

For family members who live a long distance from their loved one and are unable to visit as often as they would like, our carers can provide updates on a senior’s physical health, cognitive condition, overall wellness and share what’s happening in general.

Carers can help you stay connected by facilitating facetime calls and online sessions with friends and family.

Long Distance Check In

Respite Care

Caring for a senior family member is very rewarding, but it can also be mentally and emotionally draining. Taking time away to “recharge” periodically is one of the best things family members can do for themselves and quality care. 

Our carers can provide intermittent or ongoing respite care, for morning, an afternoon, an evening, for overnight stays or just an hour or two. We’ll arrive when we agree to arrive and the same person will come to enable effective and stress free handovers every time and peace of mind.

Respite care can also be provided for live-in care.  

Respite care in a residential setting can provide one to one time and trips out at the discretion of the institution.

When needs escalate that require specialist care, Seniors Helping Seniors can help with transitions. We help clients settle into new routines, new surroundings, help integrate new regimes sensitively and effectively providing continuity for the client and feedback to medics and family.

Long Distance Check In

Overnight Stays and 24-Hour Care

Our in-home senior care services are available every day of the week, and every hour in the day, even overnight. That includes 24-hour care if needed.

Consistency Services

Terms of business

You are billed in arrears for hours of service and any expenses incurred at the end of the month. We prefer direct debit payments to eliminate unnecessary admin costs but we can accept cheques and credit card payments.

Invoices include shopping bills, which are receipted, so there is no need to deal with cash or transferring cards.

We can work with carer allowances.

You have peace of mind our carers are paid well for the services they provide. Seniors Helping Seniors are proud champions of the Living Wage Foundation.

Our carers are fully supported with learning, they are never rushed  and they have the  flexibility to enjoy their own lives and families.

The same person or same few people visit to enable the best possible outcomes, limit risks of infection and increase understanding.

References from customers, GP’s  and prescribers describe our outstanding standards in this regard.

We are available to help day or night.

Seniors Helping Seniors home care will provide a carer who understands the ageing process, has local knowledge and is suited to provide the care you require.

We manage the services we provide you expertly and professionally for your peace of mind and your satisfaction.

The terms of business are flexible in your favour to allow you to react and respond to what is most important to you.

Seniors Helping Seniors private home care for the elderly allows you to budget efficiently whilst retaining the flexibility and the security you require.


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